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Kat Hudson

A photo of Kat Hudson, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist at her online work space

Kat is a UKCP and HCPC registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, qualified to Masters and Post Graduate Certificate level through the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE). She has a professional background in textile design, and set up an independent fashion, home and giftware business before training as an Arts Psychotherapist. She has over 6 years of experience in adult mental health, working across various areas, such as: addictions, trauma, psychosis, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviour, intrusive thinking, neurodiversity and perinatal mental health. She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in the NHS and with adults of varying ages, sexual orientations, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Kat's integrative approach incorporates various psychological perspectives, so that she can tailor her support accordingly to your individual needs. This flexibility enables you to co-create your treatment, and Kat welcomes openness in what you would like to focus on. She is inspired by psychodynamic and person-centred principles - particularly attachment theory, object relations theory, transactional analysis and Gestalt; however the therapeutic relationship is at the heart of her work, offering an empathic, nonjudgmental space for you to explore the challenges you wish to bring.


Kat works at the pace of your choosing and aims to support you creatively or verbally, in gaining greater understanding of your feelings and circumstances. She aims to foster new methods of relating and functioning, when current methods do not feel satisfying; and promotes ‘sensory’ expression through the arts, which can be helpful when your experiences feel hard to communicate in words. With a focus on attuning the mind with the body, you may also reconnect with parts of yourself that have become disconnected over time, so that you can realise your potential and build more rewarding relationships with yourself and those around you. 

Kat offers various art forms through which to communicate your experiences. These include: visual art forms, such as painting, drawing and sculpture; music and sound; the body and movement; the use of metaphor, the imagination and thinking creatively; poetry and creative writing; role playing and the use of (everyday) objects through which you can express yourself. These methods are always evolving and you are welcome to be as creative as you wish! Furthermore, you do not have to use the arts if you would rather just talk. 

Kat works in full compliance with UKCP's and HCPC's standards of ethics and codes of practice, and is regularly supported in her clinical work by UKCP/ HCPC registered supervisors. She is a member of BAAT and IATE, and continues to keep abreast of the latest research, developments and training opportunities within the psychotherapy field.

For further information, or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact Kat

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