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What is

Arts Psychotherapy?

During these uncertain times, it may feel more important than ever to gain the opportunity to explore difficult feelings and thoughts, or to manage the turbulent territory that we are in


Arts  psychotherapy provides a space in which to do this, where you may share something of yourself and what’s going on for you internally in a creative, non-verbal way.

Sometimes we feel low and we don’t know why, or we might not have the words to describe it. Art therefore provides an alternative way of communicating what we’re experiencing, which can lead to a greater understanding of our circumstances. It can also enlighten us to aspects of ourselves that are often out of our awareness, which can in turn contribute towards a more positive sense of self.

By using our senses, we are more able to connect our mind and body and reconnect with the ‘parts’ of ourselves that have been put aside for understandable reasons - such as having to cope in previous environments that didn’t allow these parts to thrive. These reconnections therefore challenge the coping behaviours or patterns that no longer feel satisfying, and enable alternative responses to be tested, so that we can feel more whole.


Art allows us to separate a little from challenging feelings and it can carry their difficulties on our behalf. We can then observe them more clearly from a distance and feel more empowered to make a change. It can also feel safer and cathartic to channel difficult experiences or feelings into an art form - (the art forms I work with are listed in my About page.) 

Art therapy is ultimately about exploring, expressing and gaining acceptance of our feelings in a manageable and gradual way so that we can develop better relationships with ourselves and others, and find more helpful ways of getting on in the world.


As a final note, art therapy is not about technical skill! – It’s more about the process of creating something and letting it evolve naturally, rather than thinking about a finished product or how it ‘should’ look. This allows what’s coming up in the moment to be authentically expressed and evolve into some kind of form. I don’t tell you what I think you should do, or provide ‘answers’; it’s more about working alongside each other and being curious, where I help you to find your own path and rediscover your potential. 

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